The Unity Photo Project

Transcending the way we view our bodies, love ourselves, and connect with the world around us.



The Unity Photo Project is a powerful introduction to an ongoing, multi-medium global art initiative created by Olivia Mae. In collaboration with local LA photographer, Miguel Perez, the work being created with The Unity Photo Project is a visual display of human vulnerability and connection.

Through large scale photography, movement performances, and curated connection based events offered around the world, all efforts of this initiative intend to build community and increase connection. Olivia is collaborating with an array of artists, of various mediums, to create art that evocatively increases elemental awareness, human connection, and raises the vibration of our collective consciousness.

By celebrating the human body through color and form, we seek to rid ourselves of fear and shame, in regards to how we view our bodies, love ourselves, and connect with humanity around us. How can we better connect with ourselves and one another? More love, more connection, more UNITY.

Together we heal.  Together we grow.  Together we change the world.


The Artists


Olivia Mae

Creator of The Unity Photo Project —

“Ultimately, to me UNITY means connection.  It’s a deep understanding that we are connected to everyone and everything around us… every living and breathing being, all forms and elements of life, and all the vastly different and ever changing characteristics that shape us into who we are as (human) beings. UNITY is the innate knowing of our infinite, eternal, and universal synergy.”

The Unity Photo Project came to me in a vision during meditation.  I saw hundreds of painted humans outside in the desert, expressing physical postures in an orchestrated pattern. The juxtaposition of the colorful human form amidst such a vast and powerful landscape, to me, represented the profound divinity in human to human, and human to elemental connection. This visually represented the boundless power and raw beauty of the human form.  It represented connection. It represented UNITY.  I believe I am here in this lifetime to share the manifestation of this vision with the world.

Miguel Perez

Head Photographer —

I think of UNITY as the convergence of thought and action. However, the word also speaks of the merging of body and mind, and body and body, and mind and mind, and soul and soul. UNITY is the instant we commit to an idea not fully described, because we know before we know that the outcome will be fulfilling. UNITY is a lifelong friend that we have finally met for the first time. UNITY is the embrace we give to a stranger in need and the hospitality we accept from a fellow traveler on the road from here to there. UNITY is the reward we receive for having the courage to say YES to the Universe.”

Miguel came to Downtown Los Angeles in pursuit of deferred dreams. Item #1 was to pick up a camera he had set down years before and use it to tell stories, to see deeply, and to reveal truths. The challenge of photographing the nude human form captured his attention because of the danger of straying from the pure to the prurient.  Miguel believes that his work with Olivia Mae on The Unity Photo Project is a journey to perceiving the human form as it is, sans judgement, confusion or distraction.


Phase I

Phase II

The Future

We plan to take our vision outdoors to a wild place with dozens, perhaps hundreds of subjects.


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